Loss Leader

Title : Loss Leader
Format : CD
Release Date : October 3, 2008
Label : Ad Noiseam

Tracklist :
Turning Around EP
1. Turning Around
2. Giftshop
3. Dischord
4. Heavy
Monster Music 2 EP
1. Monster Zero
2. Megalon
3. Gigan and the Mysterians
4. Oxygen Destroyer


Written and Produced by M.Jeanes
Mastered by C-Drik

After Dead Weight, it was hard to imagine where to go next.  That record had a certain finality to it as if a particular musical path had reached its end.  In its wake, there was a fairly disasterous tour and the lingering feeling that all of the effort and the collaborators and the different directions hadn't really connected with people. 

There plan for the follow up release was tentatively set to be a single EP with four tracks of more guitar-oriented songs.  These songs became the first half of Loss Leader, the Turning Around EP.  I had every intention of releasing this by itself as it works as a standalone record and I like the idea of EP-length records more than LPs anyway.  "Heavy" had been recorded right on the heels of Dead Weight, but the remaining tracks were all new and they were recorded over the span of about 8 months sometime between late 2007 and mid 2008. 

However, I realized that we needed some tracks that would be more fun to play live and I had a renewed interest in playing with electronic beats, samples, and a goofy theme.  Monster Music 2 was a natural choice, as the original Monster Music had only touched on the great themes from Toho films.  I decided that it would be easier and in the end more fun to make videos for Godzilla-inspired songs than mopey guitar songs, so the plan was hatched to create a second EP.

By the time we came to the mastering and artwork and release details stage of the process, it no longer seemed like a reasonable idea to produce two separate discs and packages for so little new music.  While I would have loved to have had a gatefold package with two distinct discs in it or two separate releases altogether, the economics and environmental concerns made the decision for us.  As a result, Loss Leader may seem a bit fracture if listened to straight through, but in a strange way I think that combining the two EPs on a single disc highlights the similarities more than the differences.