How to Disintegrate

Title : How to Disintegrate
Format : 3" CD
Release Date : 2007
Label : Creative Space
Tracklist :
1. Polemic Dub
2. 164 Spin
3. How to Disintegrate
4. Nothing Ends


Written and Produced by M.Jeanes
Mastered by Murcof

Creative Space, a terrific label based in Athens, Greece, approached me about doing a split series release with some other artists based around the theme of environmental destruction.  Ever up for a challenge and the potential to release a record on a new format (3" CD!!) I agreed to participate and proceeded to write three songs what was originally planned as three artists on three 3" CDs.

Polemic Dub is a remix of the track "Polemic" that appears on the Maschinenfest compilation from 2004.  Both tracks were comissioned around the same time and the notion of polemical debate as it pertained to environmental issues seemed appropriate.  "164 Spin" is taken from the colophon from a Spin Magazine where they indicated that 164,000 copies of the previous issue were not ordered or sold.  I imagine that they went straight into a landfill--164,000 copies!

I delivered the tracks during my show in Athens in 2004 and then waited quite a while for the artwork and other artist tracks to come together.  Eventually, the release was pared down to a second 3" CD from Spyweirdos called Seven Ways to Kill a Tree.  The fact that we both picked demonstrative titles seems to have been a lucky coincidence.

The track "Nothing Ends" was originally written for a Watchmen themed record that was to be part of a 12-part Watchmen series.  Unfortunately that never came to fruition and the track was appropriate for the Eco series release from Creative Space so the three song 3" CD expanded to four songs.