Fashion Victim

Format : CD
Release Date : October 3, 2003
Label : Ad Noiseam
1. Refuse
2. Kelvin (Genetic Mix)
3. Fashion Victim
4. I Owe You
5. Redline Version
6. The Voice Collapse
7. Philistine
8. Unbranded
9. Tonystark
10. Crazyeye


Written and Produced by M.Jeanes
Except Track 2 by M.Jeanes + Genetic
Mastered by James Salter

There are a whole lot of people to thank for this record coming into being. J.Smiley comes to mind, for adding some wicked filter manipulation on Crazyeye. Billy (Genetic) was kind enough to remix Kelvin into something worthy of being included here, and his tweaks to the original song really elevated the track. Omar Torres worked in some crazy-last minute mixing sessions so that we could get the master to Berlin on time. Rob at Zero Return is the king of a nice smooth bass tone, and introduced me to biodiesel while mixing Philistine, Refuse, and The Voice Collapse. And of course James put the finishing touches on in the badass mastering studio. And last but not least, my man Phil Le Peep Thompson helped out with the artwork in the homestretch after the first, commissioned artist flaked out. There's a lot more to say, but for now, thanks to all of you! Click here to order one: