Title : EMPIRE
Format : 12"
Release Date : May 19, 2005
Label : Ad Noiseam

Tracklist :
Light Side
1. Empire
2. Hayden's Ghost (Bong-Ra Remix)
3. Empire (Enduser Remix)
Dark Side
1.Hayden's Ghost
2. Solo Shoots First
3. Sith Witch


Written and Produced by M.Jeanes
Remixes byBong-Ra & Enduser
Mastered by John Sellekaers

Knowing that the next full length album would be less dance-floor friendly and moremelancholy, we decided to workw ithAd Noiseam to put outa DJ-friendly 12" of up-tempo tunes that harkened back to the giddy but heavy energy of Monster Music. Monster Music II was considered for a while until the growing spectre of the last Star Wars movie made itself the only theme worth working with for such a project. Rather than do something silly like a disco remix of the Imperial March, we took the theme of Star Wars and loosely wrote tracks around different ideas, not necessarily using samples from the movie. Solo Shoots First and Hayden's Ghost are both reactions to George Lucas' constant tampering with his classic films, while Sith Witch is a bit of a daydream (nightmare) about the ghoulish character design for Episode I that was never used. The title track, Empire, is the song most directly related to its subject, and it plays with video game melodies, score cues, and movie samples in a way that charts one fan's relationship with the series over the last 27 years.